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Automate your :



sales campaigns



The average automation saves 4 hours of effort in the first week

Some automation's start small, such as automating a regular and repetitive task that is done with copy/paste between disparate data systems. These can grow in complexity and power over time.

Others are time sensitive and are triggered by an event outside the automation workflow - such as a customer filling in a complain form on a website.

Occasionally they are one off's that solve larger, complex problems before being retired.

Our No-Code Automations are flexible, 100% custom and once delivered can be maintained and changed by yourself with minimal training.

Connect your data across your websites, systems & line of business apps

We use Make and Zapier to create custom automations that improve and streamline your business processes. Between them Make and Zapier support approx 5,000+ different apps as well as custom API calls that can connect to any service with an API endpoint.

How we work with you

As automation experts, Credible will listen carefully and translate your automation ideas into reality.


Workshop your problem

Determine if its possible using no-code tools

Usually a virtual meeting to determine the scope of your requirements and if we can help you



Credentials and Keys!

We'll securely gather the various authentication credentials and API keys we need to connect to your apps, databases and websites etc and securely store these for the duration of the project only before deletion


Build it

Build the process flow using Zapier or

We'll build this in an account under your name so you own and have full control over what we build for you.


Automation training

Learn how to adapt your automation

We provide  you with launch support for two weeks and a 1:1 tutorial on how to use your new automation so that you are well equipped to take control of it. We can talk about any future paid support you might want at this stage, but you may not need any!


Save Time & Money

See benefits from Day #1

And we have lift off. Your new automatons are up and running, saving you precious time and making you more profitable.

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