About us

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Formed in 2009 by Sarah Treanor & Mark Thurman at the height of the financial crash, a time when employment felt particularly perilous.

Based in Leicester and Hereford we service customers across the entire UK and beyond.

Enterprise skills - available to all

Before founding Credible Systems, Sarah and Mark had many years of experience delivering large scale technology projects for clients across Europe. Bringing this experience and maturity to clients of all sizes is in everything we do.

Success Driven

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to make your projects a success for you. We know our clients are particular about who they partner with and so are we. We seek long term relationships where possible.

Happy people!

It may sound trite, but we enjoy working with people we like.

Indeed, our mantra is one of "if you can pick who you work with, why not work with people you like and who like you?"

All Stars

The Team

We are spread across 2 teams, the Design & Development Team and the Projects Team.

Normal rules apply.

Approach with caution, bearing pizza. Do not feed after midnight.

Mark Thurman
Mark Thurman [He/Him]
Director - Design & Development Team

An experienced Project Manager, Mark leads the Web Development department. He's also been known to dabble in graphic design.

Away from his desk, he can often be found playing with swords, twirling his moustache and sipping fine rum. Though rarely at the same time.

Sarah Treanor
Sarah Treanor [She/Her]
Director - PMO

An experienced IT engineer and network designer, Sarah works with our education customers and leads the IT Support Team. She is passionate about successful support & delivery.

In her spare time she is sports mad, and can usually be found at major sports grounds across the country.

Martin Robinson [He/Him]
Senior Technician

An experienced IT professional who has worked across several industries and disciplines.  Currently focussed in the Education arena, specialising in Virtual Windows Server environments, and Storage and Backup Technologies.

Away from work he can be found playing with the Ratby Co-operative Brass Band, or wearing a flat cap cheering on the mighty Featherstone Rovers RLFC.

Elsbeth Woodgate
Eslbeth Woodgate [She/Her]
Technical Team Lead

Outside of work she can be found on or beside a hockey pitch, eating, bouldering or buying plants she has no space for.

Luke Finlay - Technical Support
Luke Finlay [He/Him]
Technical Support

During his spare time he enjoys going on long hikes in the countryside or may be found tinkering on his fish tank.