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A new custom website built using Webflow for its design freedom and ability to deliver highly engaging websites that allow the owners to take control of their marketing and content strategy effectively
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The Challenge

The team at U FIT Studio were keen to come out of the pandemic lockdown strongly. Investment in a new high profile city centre venue required a marketing website that was beautiful, slick and geared to their key demographics.

The Outcome

Credible worked with closely with Sam and Stefan of U FIT to create several draft designs before honing one specifically to their changing needs. The results speak for themselves. The site features high quality imagery, backed by contextual videos that all support the key message that U Fit Studio is a place where you can be understood, supported and challenged whilst transforming yourself. This Webflow site features subtle animations, flexible pricing components and a powerful showcase for the gym's clientele that allows for dynamic filtering and searching. All this while U FIT Staff retain the ability to update and edit the site themselves.

U Fit Customers had some great things to say about the new site, whilst the owner, Sam Hanney was delighted.

The Client Says:

Mark, of Credible Systems,worked with us over a number of months to create the website of which we'd always dreamed. Mark is relaxed, yet precise, in his approach. This enabled us to work at many levels, honing not only concepts, but also many specific details we wanted in the final design. He was always fully open to our suggestions and ideas, which changed and developed as we begun to see what was possible, and this really helped us sculpt an online presence that embodies the values of the studio.

Of particular value, Mark would always explain the technical details when we needed to understand them in order to envision what could be done, and more importantly, how. As with all technical platforms, there are trade offs to understand. For example, we were seeking a very high visual quality, to reflect the attention to detail and‘wow’ factor we aim for at the studio. This meant some compromises to page load times, and Mark enabled us to make informed choices about the these, and other,design decisions.

Overall, we would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Mark for his expertise, and ongoing advice and support. He is very easy to work with, has a high level of technical knowledge.He understands the user experience and how to achieve that through design and technical choices. And he has played a vital role in enabling us to create a website that we and, perhaps more importantly, our members, love.

Here are some of their words on experiencing it for the first time:

Impressive Sam, well done!– Isabel
Looks great! Well done! –Ben
Looks amazing x – Khusbu
it looks so aww loved it!! Looks amazing…- Falguni
Fantastic! Congratulations to all involved. It really delivers…just like everyone at the Studio – Angela
Definitely gets real messages across Awesome!! – Priti
Looks awesome. Well done Sam and the team! – Bally

Stefan Dziewanowski | U Fit Group