FSQS accreditation renewed

Maintaining high standards

FSQS accreditation renewed

FSQS Accreditation renewed

In an important milestone, Credible Systems has again renewed our position as an FSQS accredited supplier. This is a key achievement and represents another stride forwards in our commitment to best-in-class security and compliance.

So, what does the accreditation mean for our company and its customers?

FSQS explained

Financial institutions are subject to strict regulations. So, when choosing services suppliers, they have to be exceedingly careful as to who they partner with.

But that can mean endless red tape. With thousands of third parties to review and qualify, collecting the necessary information is a laborious effort.

Enter FSQS. Short for Financial Supplier Qualification System, FSQS is a benchmark that financial services companies – banks, insurers, building societies, etc. – use when vetting potential vendors to work with.

The system provides a cohesive, collaborative platform for managing supplier compliance assurance information. It cuts through paperwork and intensive due diligence efforts.

In a nutshell, then, FSQS means that finance companies can use a fast, efficient, and reliable methodology to assess suppliers.

How does the accreditation process work?

To become FSQS accredited, a company has to complete a rigorous audit process. They must meet requirements against key compliance and security areas, including:

  • Information security management
  • Business continuity
  • Financial & legal
  • Health & safety
  • IT security
  • Anti-bribery
  • Recruitment
  • Operational risks
  • Fraud
  • GDPR and the DPA
  • Responsible business governance
  • Environmental and sustainability

The validating body – Hellios – uses an expert team to check all submitted information against strict guidelines. When this stage is completed, the supplier’s information is then published securely on the FSQS system. In turn, financial buyers can then use this system to assess suppliers as part of their regulatory auditing.

What does FSQS qualification mean for Credible?

We at Credible have supplied financial organisations since 2010. For those existing customers, our FSQS qualification adds an extra layer of assurance. Plus, it also takes much of the legwork from lengthy contract renewals.

For new prospective companies, meanwhile, FSQS accreditation makes it smoother and easier to do business with us. After all, a significant amount of due diligence has already been performed through the standardised FSQS process.

A commitment to compliance

We are delighted to achieve FSQS accreditation. Doing so underpins the fact that security, compliance, and responsible business practices are at the heart of our business.

So, for financial services organisations looking to securely deploy live chat technology, get in touch and find out more.

See our current FSQS certificate

FSQS accreditation renewed
Mark Thurman
Director - Design & Development

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