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map_pinCredible by name, Credible by nature. Our track record is one of successful project and service delivery across a multitude of sectors. From Small Business to Global Enterprise, the founders of Credible Systems each have more than a decade of experience implementing successful IT solutions for their clients.

Our products and services are broadly aimed at small and medium businesses that lack an experienced IT team. We are able to offer sensible independent advice on how to make the most of IT and improve your business or organisation with proven technologies and IT processes. Experts in several cloud computing platforms and able to guide you through this changing landscape, Credible Systems bring innovative solutions and design to solve your IT problems, allowing technology to be effective within your organisation.

Our approach is to listen closely to your wants and needs and provide the simplest suitable solution. If we feel you really need something different from what you want we will let you know. We want to remove the complexity from IT, giving you access to simple effective solutions that fit well with your IT strategy and available budget.

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Credible Systems have completed and launched a new website for technology start-up TalentBond Ltd


TalentBond provide clever embeddable components to improve the search experiece of candidates using corporate careers websites. In usability and design terms these are often a departure from the rest of the corporate website experience and somewhat of a turnoff for a candidate. TalentBond components fix these problems and many more.

The website design is clean and simple with a no nonsense approach to typography and visual elements. Being fully responsive means it works well on phones, and tablets as well.

Backed by a leading Content Management System the whole site is easy to manage and provides many opportunities for expansion of content and functionality. 


integrate_smallWhile Zoho CRM is a rich full featured toolset for managing your sales pipeline and customer accounts data some people find they have needs beyond pure CRM.

Many organisations have, or at least recognise the need for applications that are unique to them. Bespoke applications, built for their needs. Many would love to replicate this functionality online, but in a way that includes their relevant CRM data such as :

  • Customers
  • Accounts
  • Deals in the pipeline
  • Deals already won
  • Financial data  

Organisations dont want to replicate and manage two sets of the same data; rather just work with one set of current data. Credible Systems can help you here too.

New integration possibilities exist between Zoho Creator and other Zoho Products. Notably between Zoho Creator and two of our other specialities;  Zoho CRM and Zoho Reports.

Using Zoho Creator as a conduit to business data stored in Zoho CRM and combining this with the power of Zoho Reports for incisive analtyics of your business data opens up a world of possibilities.

A few ideas

  • Line of business financial reporting
  • Custom scheduled tasks operating on CRM data
  • Resource utilisation and planning
  • Stock level management
  • Insert your idea here!

A Credible Systems case study for just such a project was recently featured on the Zoho blog. 

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If you want to do more with your CRM data than just CRM then contact us for a no obligation discussion to find out whats possible


A Credible Systems Success Story
Credible Systems featured on Zoho Blog
  • Create specific 'situational' apps for your business
  • Integrate your CRM data into these apps
  • Combine and report pipeline and operational data

All of the above are now easily achievable for your business or organisation.  

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Cloud Computing - Something for everyone
Realising the value of Cloud Computing

cloud_backupEvery business, from the smallest 'one man band' to large multinationals can benefit enormously from Cloud Computing initiatives. There was a time when the most powerful new tools were the preserve of large corporations. The maturity of cloud applications has changed this, maybe even reversed it. While large corporations struggle with change, smaller agile companies like yours can gain a competitive advantage using cloud computing. Don't get left behind, begin your understanding today.

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