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Credible have been advising about ZOHO services since 2009 and continue to assist organisations of all sizes in using this wonderful platform

Powerful, Integrated solutions for your organisation

SmartGo utilise Zoho Creator & Zoho Reports to provide a membership platform for a sustainable travel consultancy that has spread across the UK. Encompassing signup forms, electronic payment, voucher codes & reporting it is a complete and custom solution.

"When launching our SmartGo workplace travel package for sustainable travel we chose Credible & Zoho to help us build an automated solution for our members, managing our networks and to aid our business analytics & reporting "

Robin Pointon, Go Travel Solutions

Zoho Solutions

There are more than 40 Zoho individual point solutions.  
The following are a trio of Zoho solutions that work closely to enable businesses
of all shapes and sizes manage their data seamlessly.

These are the applications that Credible specialise in.

Zoho CRM

customer relation management
Sales cycle and customer relation management in a simple easy to use platform

Zoho Creator

Advanced forms
Custom intelligent forms for business process automation and data collection.

Zoho Reports

Powerful Business Intelligence
Analyse, query and chart data from almost any source including your Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator sources. Update your reports in near real-time.

Why these 3?

Every business & organisation can benefit from centralised management of the customer data as it is generated and used within the sales cycle. Simply put a powerful and efficient CRM system allows gives you confidence that you have a secure Gold Standard set of customer data that is of value, not just in for Sales and Marketing, but for other parts of your business.

A business that sell Widgets may also offer Warranty and Service options for their Widgets. Storing this data, and managing the processes of Warranty repairs etc is not something that you would perform in your CRM system, but you would still want the Warranty information to be linked and directly related to your best and most up to date Customer Data...and this IS in Zoho CRM.

This is where Zoho Creator comes in. Creator is perfect for building apps for any part of your business where you want more control and even automation of process workflow. Zoho Creator will link directly to Zoho CRM and relate Warranty records for example to the master Customer Record.

The last app, Zoho Reports unites the customer data with your workflow data (in this case Warranties) and any other data you may want to import, in a powerful visual reporting framework suitable for creating Reports, Charts, Dashboard etc all with dynamic filters and drill down capability.

These 3 apps can support and add value to any organisation alone, but together they are exceedingly powerful.

Always with you

Zoho provides Android and Apple apps of all their major applications.

Enterprise toolsets for anyone & everyone

It wasn't that long ago that a huge gulf existed between the applications and functionality to manage business processes available to large enterprises and those within reach of small businesses, charities and even small start-ups.  

Typically smaller organisations had to make do with best of breed point solutions from various providers.  Oftem these were a mish-mash of shrink-wrapped software with some online functionalioty mixed with a few leagacy apps.  

Those days have passed, thankfully.
Zoho provides a wealth of feature rich applications, from the generic (Accounting, HR and CRM) to the more specialised (Helpdesk, Application Platforms, Sales IQ etc).

Not only are these Zoho Apps powerful and fully online, they integrate beautifully with each other and many of the other applications you may already use.
Mark Thurman - Director

Zoho Consultancy Services

Discover how Zoho can transform your business

Regardless of the size of your organisation Zoho can bring benefits for users and management alike.
  • Discovery & Strategy
  • Data Relationships
  • Process Flow
  • Notifications & Reporting
  • Anywhere, on any device

Improve data quality

Standardise processes and workflows to improve data quality and reporting

Make your process ideas real

Overcome intertia and improve your business process workflows and make a real difference to your organisation


Work the same way away from your desk as you do in the office. Zoho apps work on all devices and keep you productive wherever you are.

Increase your
productivity with Zoho

Credible have been using Zoho tools since 2008. We practice what we preach & utilise at least 7 of the Zoho suite of applications at any one time. In short, we trust Zoho with our business"
Mark Thurman, Director
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